The director’s support is unfounded and neither-here-nor-there. DO NOT SUPPORT OR GIVE MONEY TO INVISIBLE CHILDREN. I’m (and people criticizing IC) not against “stopping Kony”, I don’t think anybody is. I’m not against making the story known on a large scale. I’m against glibly reducing the problems of Central Africa into a one-liner like “Stop Kony”. It’s catchy, manipulative, arrogant, naive and idiotic. This is why people shouldn’t be supporting or giving money to Invisible Children. Not only do they mislead their business as a nonprofit, they endorse a corrupt dictatorship (Uganda) that also has been accused of killing, raping and looting. Their endorsement also gives them free reign to kill and murder in the pursuit of catching this fugitive, Kony. I don’t know how many times I can repeat this. I don’t care what kind of spin doctoring and damage control IC has done, they still haven’t genuinely answered these issues I (and many others) continually bring up.


In response to a not-so-shiny article in Washington Post regarding Invisible Children and KONY 2012, director Jon Turteltaub wrote the following response to the author/interviewer & interviewee:

My name is Jon Turteltaub. I have directed several movies…