Max Landis @UptomykneesJohn Landis'son, screenwriter of #Chronicle, does a hilarious take on @DCComics' The Death and Return of Superman in this short educational film parody.

Max Landis and @bryan_basham take a cue from the comical Drunk History series and glibly recount the ludicrous storyline/DC-marketing-ploy of the death and rebirth of the invincible superhero in the early nineties. I still have that black-bagged piece-of-shit issue sitting in a long box in the back of my closet.

Look out for cameo appearances by Mandy Moore, Elijah Wood, Chris HardwickSimon Pegg, and Ron Howard.

Can’t forget the hilarity of the fruity send-up of Superboy/Son of Krypton.

Funny stuff, well played…